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Ginger Marketing To Spice Up Your Online Business

introducing ginger marketing

Defining a new era. 

Ginger Marketing is a performance-based marketing method introduced by Socialhoox to upscale businesses by properly utilizing sales funnels and digital platforms. This method offers clients the advantage of basing payments and expenses solely on the performances and outputs generated by the marketing company, rather than paying for strategies and content that may or may not work out well.

Stuck in a marketing loop?

These days, approaching a marketing agency for your needs always takes you on a familiar path of formulaic planning and rigid thinking. You often find yourself facing roadblocks rather than getting actionable results that elevate your business. Agencies tend to spend a lot of their time and manpower on delivering attractive designs and deliverable content, which is great. But they often forget to innovate a strategy or think differently according to the need of the hour, which is far more important in a market that changes by the minute. Sticking to plans just to deliver quality content does more harm than good to any thriving business.

How we strategize and create. 

We achieve this by combining two different strategies : 

Step 1 : Funnel Marketing 

A sales funnel clearly defines a relationship between you and your customer. It maps out a journey where you drive your customer into reaching a desirable and attainable goal. A bond marked by loyalty and advocacy is formed, where the customer is comfortable and his needs are met. 

Moreover, this allows you as a business to upsell your customers. Potential customers are given a taste of the product, and taken on to the next stage with a test sale, thus keeping them within the loop. Even disinterested customers would be piqued by freebies and offers tailored for them by our team. 

Step 2 : Performance Marketing

We implement campaigns where you only pay us for the results we provide you, whether it be through leads, clicks, audience engagement, sales or more, according to the nature of your business and the strategy we implemented. It offers us measurable and trackable data that can be used to continuously update and enhance your business. 

Flexibility is key here, as we are dealing with an ever fluctuating market and the changing tastes of customers. Performance marketing really helps us innovate and inject an element of creativity into our strategies, keeping things fresh for your business and subsequently, it’s target audience.

Now you know. 

We know that getting stuck in a marketing loop that takes you nowhere can be the most frustrating thing for any business owner wanting to make a mark on the market. With our help, and with Ginger Marketing, you no longer have to. It’s going big, going smart and being spontaneous, taking us closer to the results every business so desires. 

Going for results, not glory.

As a marketing company, we make sure that every client we take on is the right fit for us, as it allows us to deliver proper actionable results that actually help our clients elevate their business to the next level.

Which is why we have put in place a system that allows you to check if your business is compatible with our Ginger Marketing strategies.

Check your eligibility now!

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