The Challenge

How can we improve the sales of b-lite cookies, A product of Zaara Biotech?

‍Zaara Biotech introduced a new product, b-lite cookies to market. But that’s when COVID-19 hit the world. The company had started production in big scale. But the world is closed.

Supermarkets were closed. No shopping malls.

The Solution

Communicating and designing a user-friendly e-commerce platform.

We suggested the client to build a new e-commerce website exclusive for the product, and started promoting it. The platform was built from scratch by our team on woocommerce. A marketing plan was laid and we got good response. Zaara Biotech even raised a $10m seed fund from a venture based in Dubai.

The Result

People started ordering online.

B-lite cookies started getting traction. Zaara biotech started seeing new buying pattern. A new set of customers from different parts of India.

The result: A spike in sales with very less cost 🙂