Join The Social Media Summit  SMS 2020


Attend the last social media marketing summit of the year happening on Dec 12 & 13 2020.

Inspiring Talks

Listen to the stories of those who made it big. Learn how they built it from scratch.

Q&A Session

Interactive Q&A session where all participants get chance to ask questions.

Live Training

Get live training from the industry experts on various tools and techniques.


Steal their strategies to build it right. Save your time & resources on trial & errors.


What is SMS ?

Social Media Summit (SMS) is a flagship event by Socialhoox. This time we are collaborating with Swipe up by Blusteak media to make it BIG, together. We have a big list of amazing speakers for the event. Stay tuned!

A Sneak Peak Into Our Previous Event

Have a look at at SMS Kochi organized few months back.


Some of our honorable guests

We have gathered the top professionals of the marketing community, to discuss on the hottest topics and most relevant new technologies.

Abid Omar

Abid Omar is the co-founder of Chatveda. A 23 y/o Entrepreneur and marketer with over eight years of experience In digital advertising and growth hacking.

He has worked with more than 30+ brands including tech startups, local businesses, digital and creative agencies, and million dollar media companies. His main forte is attracting digital-first consumers, especially GenZ & Millennials for brands around the globe.

When he is not hustling, dreaming up a new project, or raving about chatbots and creators, you can find him at ease in a mountain or a beach. Also spends the rest of his time skateboarding, swimming, and playing poker.

Topic: Chat Marketing – Now & The Future


Karan Parwani

Karan Parwani is the CMO at HighonM, Passionate Digital Marketer, a Proud Blog Owner at which is his Business Blog and Host of One of the fastest growing Marketing Podcasts in India, The Karan Parwani Show.

Karan has worked with more than 60 Businesses, both in India and Globally to help them with their Digital Strategies with his Digital Agency, Wedoeconsult Pvt Ltd.

He has a Domain knowledge on Running Paid Ads and Generating Relevant ROI’s based on Client’s Objectives.

Topic: Facebook Paid Advertisements 


Shraddha is an Orthodontist turned Influencer turned Entrepreneur.
After 10 years in dentistry, she started blogging under the banner Soda Pop Love to explore her interests in fashion, travel and lifestyle.

In 3 years, she has amassed 45k followers across Social Media. She started the popular Lifestyle Podcast with Hindustan Times called Five to Thrive which is now renewing for Season 3.

Shraddha has turned her passion for Social Media into a business where she works with female coaches in the USA and Canada to help them build their personal brand and grow their business through the power of Social Media.

Topic: Influencer Marketing
Shraddha SMS
shamnas cv sms

Shamnas C V

A Techie who fell in love with Marketing, People, Books, Coffee and Traveling.

Shamnas started his first company Rubixoft Technologies LLP while he was pursuing his third year of engineering in Computer Science.

Ran the company for almost 3 years. Then Joined in a French company in Dubai as a programmer in their digital marketing team. 

Now he is running a company, Socialhoox Technologies Pvt Ltd. Socialhoox provides softwares & services for digital marketing.

With his experience in various fields, He is always trying to support ambitious people to stay ahead of the competition. Marketing is a skill that he mastered on his journey and that’s where he wanted to provide support.

Topic: Offer Hacking – How to create amazing offers for social media promotions?

Haris Aboobacker

Haris Aboobacker is a serial entrepreneur, orator and a social media strategist who works with people and businesses to create content to drive differentiation, growth, sales and loyalty. By positioning the expertise of people within companies as the core talent behind the brand, he helps to drive reputation, trust and more clients to their businesses. Being Passionate about storytelling led him to be the Co-Found Stories Revolutionary, a storytelling community. He was a brain and strategist behind Kasaragod flea, Kasaragod’s Largest shopping festival.
He is also the founder of Haris&Co, a Coaching, Consulting & Community firm based at Kerala.

Haris is very knowledgeable on leveraging instagram platforms and also founded “IG Mastermind Course” Which has helped 50+ Small businesses to grow their Instagram influence and build their personal brand. 
Topic: Grow Organic On Instagram
haris aboobacker sms
jaison Thomas sms

Jaison Thomas

Jaison Thomas co-founded a digital creative agency called Blusteak Media while he was at college. Now they are an acclaimed group of digital team working in some crazy & challenging projects for more than 50+ ambitious brands, nationally & internationally.

Leading a team of 16 employees at the age of 23, he has experienced in-depth challenges of starting up to scaling an agency to a profitable business which provides livelihood for some.

He has helped 800+ individuals get he best out of the possibilities offered by the online space. Currently pursuing a course from IIM-C on AI based Marketing, he is aiming to reach new highs in the field of online marketing.

Zain Siddiqui

I try to tell stories. Stories that inspire people to change something about themselves.

In my digital marketing trainings, I show participants digital content around them in a new light.

While silently all the time my alter ego, Wicked Broz, tries to find a space for the stories that escape from the artists minds and spill out through the screens out onto walls and public spaces.

My name is Zain Siddiqui and I am a master trainer with Digital Vidya. A passionate digital marketer who decided to carve a path for himself as a cultural entrepreneur.

I have led over 2500 participants globally to upgrade their Social media marketing skills over the last 3 years.

Topic: Story Telling On Social Media.

zain siddique

Telson Thomas

Telson is the CEO of blusteak Media Private limited.

scaled multiple brands on shopify \

Always had a special liking towards social media started facebook pages and youtube channels before going to college.

Now works with multiple brands to market their services over social media & has expertise in facebook ads.

Now on track with to make blusteak media the top Agency in inda when it comes to digital marketing

Venkatesh C R

Venkatesh is the CEO at adz consulting, an agency owner and passionate sales guy, curious about the media industry, and a PR consultant.

He has worked with several international business owners and influencers where he helped them create marketing strategies and now he is helping deserving business owners and influencers getting featured on top publications and podcasts. He is launching an online publication/magazine in London called London business week.

Venkatesh is always learning about new social media trends and networking with the right people who have in-depth knowledge on networking in business psychology and build strategic relationships (partnerships)

Topic: Networking in social media to connect with right people

Venkatesh C R
Suman Jain

Suman Jain

An entrepreneur By Heart, Started My journey from transforming Myself from being a college student to a Social Media Entrepreneur Just to get My own identity, Now Happily Called Pinterest Marketing Strategist!

As one of the most sought-after social media strategists in the country, I’ve personally trained over 100+ businesses, as a social media speaker & trainer – by providing simple and effective strategies that get results.

By being a Lead generation and social media Manager & expert – my specialty is helping people to get results through platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising, Traffic Building, Conversions, and Analytics but Pinterest being my Top Notch Focus and Built Great strategy for various Businesses from E- commerce to Coaches who want to Drive Buyer leads and sales from Pinterest both Organic and Paid ads strategically!

I’m on a mission to empower and build highly effective virtual social media teams that can serve clients across the globe, at top-notch levels.

Topic:How to Drive Traffic from Pinterest On Steroid Organically and Build your List!

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